Advisory Services

FEI understands the complexities of growing an international business. Through our business development hands-on advisory and thanks to decades of experience in many countries our clients will be better equipped to understand new markets and local policies, understand projects economics, evaluate risks, establish key partnerships and optimize projects' capital structure and funding techniques.

Financial Modelling Services



Equity Capital Raising



Mergers & Acquisitions

In M&A activities our Advisory services allow our clients to execute valuable acquisitions. Financial Models are used to determine the key criteria for identifying potential target companies and outline the strategy while giving the acquirer a clear idea of what to expect to gain from making an acquisition.

In addition with our Modelling Advisory Services, we advise 

clients in performing the valuation analysis on a standalone basis and valuing the potential synergies of the deal, determine the best financing structure and provide support during the due-diligence process by conducting a detailed examination and analysis of the target’ operations – its financial metrics, assets and liabilities, growth forecast, human resources, etc.

Development Advisory Services

PPP & Infrastructure

Business Development

  • Market opportunities and Partnerships.

  • Assess local policies and barriers.

  • Business plan and strategy optimization.

  • Enable scenario risk analysis.

  • Develop advanced financial model.

  • Valuation and ratio analysis.

  • Advise on financing strategy.

  • Provide capital raise support.

  • Advise on transaction and valuation.

RE Project Development

  • Market and business case

  • Regulatory Framework

  • Land Lease

  • FIT Secured - Tariff

  • Terms/Conditions PPA

  • Feasibility study

  • Complete Energy Yields

  • CAPEX - OPEX - Cost/Benefit Options

  • Key stakeholders

  • SPV structure

  • Financial Analysis - Financing Structure

  • Final Debt/Equity Structure

  • Complete Project Risk Analysis

  • O&M Plan/Contingencies

  • Final Agreements/Insurance 

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