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Advisory Services

The Finance Energy Institute (FEI) provides unique Financial Modelling and Advisory Services. We focus on Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities, Circular Economy and multiple Technology Sectors delivering results through an innovative hands-on approach. With our in person Workshops and On-line Digital Courses developed and taught by Edward Bodmer we deliver valuable insights in financial modelling, energy analysis and finance theory via techniques not available on the global market.

Our Services


Thanks to a unique hand-on approach we deliver growth strategies & development, business analysis & evaluation, and insights for capital raising, refinancing & restructuring.


The Financial Modelling On-line Digital Courses cover a variety 

of subjects in Corporate and Project Finance, Finance Theory and Energy Analysis. 

The Courses are taught by Prof. Edward Bodmer and comprise multiple sessions during which participants will interact directly with the lecturer, participate in live discussion and learn how to develop unique analytical methods that address models structuring, circular reference resolution, sculpting, acquiring data, and VBA techniques. 

Because we believe that only a direct engaging experience

will give you the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge all Digital Course are strictly limited to a maximum of 10 participants.  


Equity Capital Raising

Our Sectors

Renewable Energy

With years of experience in Financial Modelling and Advisory services, FEI has developed key relationships with leading strategic and financial investors, developers and power producers in the global renewable energy sector.


Both our corporate customers and courses participants are geographically diverse and are actively engaged in the global

market across all renewable energy technologies.

Our team members have advised on renewable transactions in excess of USD $2 billion and have provided Financial Modelling to clients on M&A, debt and equity raises, as well as refinancing and restructuring of large portfolios.

Solar power


Combined Heat & Power

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Energy Efficiency

In the Energy Efficiency (EE) sector we develop Financial Models tailored to the application of various Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). 


From the more complex Combined Heat & Power systems in Health Care facilities, to the installation, operation & maintenance of Municipal Led Lights, we have structured models and advised Energy Service Companies (ESCO), Developers and Utilities operating in the global market.


Transportation Infrastructure

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