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The Financial Modelling Digital Courses and In-person Workshops include a diverse and comprehensive set of learning techniques, excel models, exercises, and international case studies associated with financial modelling subjects. Through a direct and live interaction with our lecturers the Digital Courses provide a unique learning experience which will allow you to keep advancing your skills and your project. For In-person Workshops please review our Advisory Services

All Courses are strictly limited to 10 participants
No pre-recorded Videos only live stream
Open Mic and live direct interaction
Receive case studies with structured exercises


Learn how to adopt formulas for cash flow waterfall in project finance and acquisition models that incorporate cash flow sweeps, cash traps, earn out provisions, IRR flip structures, potential for default and minimum cash balance accounts.

Financial Modelling for PPP, Infrastructure and Energy

Financial Modelling for PPP, Infrastructure and Energy is a digital class that will work through creation of models as well as theory for capital intensive investments financed with non-recourse debt. The course will be hands-on where participants take turns sharing the screen and demonstrate how you can construct models that incorporate complex cash flow waterfalls, alternative funding cascades; sculpted repayment techniques and other features.

Corporate and Project Finance Modelling

This Financial Modelling Digital Course is an intensive and interactive hands-on course that offers attendees a comprehensive set of technical and financial skills to master financial modelling.  This Course is highly structured with separate sessions each lasting for approximately three hours. The on-line sessions begin with a survey of a variety of financial models including Corporate models for Valuation and Credit and Project Finance models.  

Advanced Financial Modelling with VBA and
User Defined Functions

This Course is designed to be both practical and advanced. Some of the subjects you can learn include: (1) how to resolve circular references using user defined functions; (2) how to apply comprehensive user defined functions in project finance models; (3) how to resolve scenario and data table problems with VBA; (4) how to create customized databases through automatically uploading data; and, (5) how to create dynamic goal seek routines with user defined functions

Risk Analysis in Financial Modelling
Scenarios and Sensitivity

The risk analysis on-line course is separated into separate modules that allows you to move your financial modelling skills to a new level. The course is designed to be practical and hands-on and demonstrate how you can include detailed risk analysis of demand and cost changes caused by crisis (Coronavirus, etc.) Incorporation of risk analysis will include both corporate finance models and project finance models

Modelling of Solar Tax Equity

Modelling of Solar Tax Equity is a unique digital course that covers practical and theoretical issues associated with tax equity from A-Z.

The course is structured into five separate three-hour sessions with an extra half hour questions and answers period. During the course you will learn the mechanics and strategic implications of alternative contract structures through building a comprehensive financial model.


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