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This page includes Prof. Bodmer analysis on selected case studies in project finance and corporate finance. The cases involve financial nightmares and attempts to understand common themes as to what went wrong. You can find information about the various case studies by pressing the various buttons below. Please note that the manner in which the case studies were presented is not consistent (It is a work in progress).  Some of the case (e.g. Dabhol) are written in a structured manner with specific questions to think about and detailed instructions on how to create models.  Other case studies have not yet been structured and for the moment there is just a compilation of materials.


Models for the inclusion of alternative battery strategies in renewable energy analysis accounting for different storage, efficiency and life expectancy as well as demand patterns.


Renewable and

Battery Analysis


IPP Finance and 

Contract Analysis


Merchant Electricity Analysis

and Marginal Costs


Finance Theory and

Analysis of Renewable Energy

Electricity Station

Electricity Distribution Finance

and Economic Analysis


Power sector Operations

and Finance Analysis

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